The International Online Market

To facilitate the demand and supply matching of agri-food products between European and non-European operators, BMTI has created the International Online Market (IOM) – a regulated online platform, based on international trade practices, to exchange agricultural and agri-food products.


  • IOM allows to buy and sell agricultural and agri-food products at wholesale level (B2B)
  • It is a regulated spot market, not a financial one
  • It generates online contracts


  • IOM eases the access to foreign markets also for small and medium enterprises
  • It stands out for the clarity and standardisation of negotiations
  • It helps having less disputes among the parties


Contracts concluded with IOM are based on regulations valid at the international level, composed by a General Regulation, General Conditions and Specific Conditions. The General Regulation defines IOM general functioning terms and the requirements set for granting access to the interested operators. General Conditions establish negotiation terms and modalities. In addition to General Conditions, Specific Conditions define the contractual terms for each category of product.

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