The Egypt agrifood digital network

To simplify the market access of small farmers

BMTI was a partner in the Bashaier-The Egypt agrifood digital network project, implemented from 2014 to 2016 by the Knowledge Economy Foundation (KEF), an Egyptian NGO that works to improve the agricultural development.

The Egypt agrifood digital network, funded by the EU-Egypt Innovation fund managed by the Arab Republic of Egypt’s Ministry of Scientific Research – currently, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research – aimed at bridging the gap between the small farmers and the agri-food markets using ICT solutions, and enhancing the relations with bigger enterprises too.

Our involvement in this project allowed us to give an important contribution to the improvement of Egyptian smallholder farmers’ conditions, by providing them with information on agri-food market dynamics, and promoting, at the same time, a culture of transparency.

More in detail, what we provided were punctual information on the prices of those fruit and vegetables products of main interest for the Egyptian market and present in the wholesale markets of Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Great Britain and the Netherlands.