TAIEX BMTI-ECUADOR: Supporting SMEs active in Agriculture and Agri-food

Between December 12 and December 15 2022, we will held the last two workshops presenting the best practices of the Italian Chambers of Commerce System, to support the commercialisation of products and services and to bring efficiency and transparency within markets. Thanks to Our Italian Experience and Better Regulation practices in the field of negotiations and regulations of markets – both the physical ones and online – BMTI makes available its competencies to support SMEs in demand and supply matching and negotiating agricultural and agri-food products. 

Like Our Initiatives for an international economic system that is inclusive and sustainable, these workshops receive EU fundings which are, in particular, managed under the Technical Assistance and Information Exchange instrument of the European Commission (TAIEX). This allowed us to continue an exchange of information and initial technical assistance activities, at the benefit of Ecuador’s institutions, with the intent to provide a framework for negotiations and an overview of those tools which can facilitate market access for new businesses. 

For more information https://bit.ly/3HYz00i