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Competencies and Experiences to Support the Development of Open and Transparent Markets

BMTI expertise is made available both at national and international level, to institutions and business support organisations (BSOs), such as Chambers of Commerce, Ministries, and EU institutions, bodies and agencies. Our status allows us to work through institutional cooperation as well as direct award by means of an agreement. The activities can be implemented developing specific paths together with the institutions and BSOs of the interested countries, for which preparatory meetings, conferences and mentoring sessions could be organized.

Our mainstream interventions involve the commercialisation of agri-food products, market monitoring and analysis activities, the development of commodity exchanges in other countries, and data providing. Today we also propose different kind of services and tools built on the needs of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and for the development of specific markets. The below list is not exhaustive but gives some examples of the activities we can plan with our partners.

Digital Platforms

Namely platforms for the commercialisation of agri-food and agro-energy products, experimental platforms for the commercialisation of other products (certified products, fishery products, by-products, etc.), and intelligence platforms for demand and supply matching of services.

Commercialisation of Agri-food Products

Transferring knowledge about European marketing standards, the procedures to access the European market, the ways to access the market in aggregated forms (producer organisations, cooperatives, etc.). Sharing expertise to draft and use standard contracts to sell agri-food products.

Collection and Analysis of Prices, Market Monitoring

Sharing the techniques for the collection of wholesale prices based on the exchanges between enterprises, providing price data and market trends on specific food and no food products, carrying out market analyses and studies (on agri-food, municipality utilities, etc.).

Economic Information Dissemination

By the construction and use of internet portals, informative tools and materials to be published and disseminated periodically, in the interest of enterprises and people in general. These tools and materials are built on the basis of data on prices and rates, and developed through joint-lists that make prices comparable, composite indices for wholesale prices, and national indices for official wholesale prices (meats, eggs, wine, etc.).

Informative App

Development of innovative digital tools for mobile phones which allow to easily access, share, and compare real time prices and relevant information for the markets (fish, fruits and vegetables, etc.), and which facilitate a timely circulation of data among industry operators, then the transparency of prices and market dynamics.

Commodity Exchanges

Carrying out feasibility studies to establish commodity exchanges that are in line with local needs, sharing the know-how to develop the organisational structure and the regulation of physical and online commodity exchanges, implementing capacity building activities on the functioning of commodity exchanges, market regulations, and any other relevant aspect.

Promotion of Local, Certified, and Sustainable Products

Based on our knowledge of industries and product characteristics, we conduct mapping and networking activities that involve specific industries’ stakeholders, as well as outreach and awareness raising activities that promote local, certified, and sustainable products for an equal distribution of the added value along supply chains.

Our technical assistance takes form through the following activities:

To explain the process and method to produce technical market comments, and to collect, analyse, and disseminate wholesale prices by using price lists with homogeneous nomenclatures, as well as training on how to store and process data. Specific sessions can also be organised addressing, for example, small farmers or institutions on how to access the market in aggregated forms, or about European marketing standards for agri-food products.

Feasibility analyses on business environments, market operators’ needs and interests, and regulatory contexts, that could be used in the execution plans providing for the creation of new markets, digital platforms, commodity exchanges, etc. and their related regulations. Projects to develop sectoral promotion campaigns on agri-food products, which have the aim of helping markets to grow and raising the awareness of enterprises, and so consumers’ as well.

Building new internet portals and informative app for the dissemination of economic information, digital platforms for the commercialisation of products and services, and physical and online commodity exchanges. Delivering of specific products such as documents and notes, statistical tools and data, etc. related to Italian and European markets where we have the expertise – in terms of economic information to enterprises and institutions.

To help implement and use such tools, we can provide technical support through back-up and training activities on one hand, and strategic assistance to organise promotion and dissemination activities that address institutions, enterprises and consumers on the other.

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