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BMTI for a Shared Model of Development

BMTI operates as the Italian Chambers of Commerce’s public agency for market regulation, development and transparency, and for the dissemination of prices and economic information. We perform functions of general interest and ensure services to enterprises, institutions and consumers, also putting in place networking activities among producers, processors, traders, and final consumers.

In 2006, the Italian Minister of Agricultural and Forestry Policies established our company, Ministry together with we cooperate at the national level and launched, 10 years later, the initiative A bridge for agrifood trade. On that occasion we presented to the institutions of African and Mediterranean countries our Services and Tools for the development and transparency of agri-food markets, as well as the prototype of the International Online Market (IOM) we launched at Expo Milan 2015.

Better Regulation

BMTI manages the online markets for agricultural, agro-energy, agri-food, and fishery products composing the Italian Online Commodity Exchange, for which we set the trading platform and the regulation behind its functioning. The features of this trading model allowed us to develop key competencies in better regulation, specifically in the field of negotiation of products and services – e.g. through the development of standard contracts and online platforms. Such practices meet the needs of public and private stakeholders coming from different sectors, mainly the agriculture, agro-industry, and service industry.
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Economic Information

BMTI manages Italy’s database of official wholesale prices, originated from the Chambers of Commerce, wholesale markets, single national commissions (CUN) and the Italian Online Commodity Exchange. Our work on Prices and Analyses is based on market monitoring related to agriculture and no food sectors, to the costs of municipality utilities (i.e. electricity, gas, water, and waste) and the prices of construction materials. Such experience allowed us to develop competencies useful to the realisation of information services and activities that enhance market competitivity and support the formulation of sectoral public policies.
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