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BMTI for an International Economic System that is Inclusive and Sustainable

Within its institutional aims and activities, BMTI works on extending the Italian Chambers of Commerce’s trading model for agri-food, agro-energy, and fishery products, as well as logistics services, in international markets – so as to promote regulated negotiations and the dissemination of market information.

Institutional Collaboration

Today as yesterday, we are interested in starting knowledge and competencies’ exchanges, and in signing new memoranda of understanding with those institutions who foster market development and transparency. Moreover, since December 2021, the European Commission recognises us as mandated body, that is a public equivalent body that can participate to the implementation of institutional cooperation projects, involving actual twinning actions among public administrations. 

Within the framework of the European Commission’s Foodeuro project for the creation of accessible food price composition indicators in the European Union, we participate at the advisory group’s workshops together with other experts representing international organisations, academia, and trade/business/professional associations at the European level.

We are available to cooperate with international organisations too, reason why, for instance, every month we provide a national synthetic indicator for wholesale cereals products: the indicator is based on the prices collected by the Italian Chambers of Commerce, and is also published on UNFAO/GIEWS’s website which gathers and analyses data on food commodity prices.

Over the years we have reached agreements with, among the others, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), Egypt’s Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade, and commodity exchanges – such as the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange and the one of Smirne, in Turkey.

International Networks and Events

To pursue our goals in the international field, we joined different associations that help us to get in touch with foreign bodies with similar goals, in order to implement jointly developed projects. At the moment, we are members of the Association of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASCAME), Unioncamere Europa and, as part of the Italian Chambers of Commerce’s System, EUROCHAMBRES.

We actively took part to international events during which, for instance, we presented the good practice of the Italian Online Commodity Exchange at the European Parliament and at UNFAO, respectively in 2010 and 2012. In 2012, we also presented our International Online Market at the United Nations Secretariat, an initiative that culminated with the event of Expo Milan 2015: An online platform to improve food markets efficiency and access.

Project Experiences

Since 2013, we take part in EU/nationally funded programmes aimed at enhancing trade relations with the Mediterranean countries and, more broadly, African ones. Partnering with both institutions and business support organisations, over the years we have put in place mentoring and capacity building activities, as well as, in the framework of international partnerships, technical assistance activities which involve data providing on agri-food markets.

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