Expo Milan 2015

An online platform to improve agri-food markets’ efficiency and access

The initiative about an online regulated platform for the negotiation of agricultural and agri-food products, in accordance with the established rules of international trade and open to the exchanges of all countries, was presented on October 20, during the convention organised at Expo Milan 2015 by the Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, the National Association of Italian Chambers of Commerce, and BMTI.

The platform’s functioning is based on the well-defined rules that govern the negotiations among small and medium enterprises, to trade in a clear and transparent framework.  This allows to reduce the international controversy, tackle counterfeiting, protect consumer and improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

During his speech, former Minister Martina defined the platform as one of Expo’s legacies – one of the most important Italian project built on the experience of the Italian Online Commodity Exchange – and, for the success of the project, he both invited Italian and foreign Countries’ institutions to cooperate through an international network that really works for the rules of global trade.

The idea of the International Online Market comes from the experience of the Italian Online Commodity Exchange, with the aim of widening the benefits and the advantages of using a regulated online commodity exchange outside European boarders, and facilitating demand and supply matching between European and non-European operators.

Minister Maurizio Martina speech


Because of our participation at Expo Milan 2015 we carried out for the Italian Minister of agriculture food and forestry policies the project A bridge for agrifood trade.