Economic Information

Data for Market Understanding to Support Business Decisions and Public Policies

The experience BMTI has in disseminating economic information – by making full use of the information production of the Italian Chambers of Commerce in terms of prices and rates – in innovating and developing new ad-hoc services for enterprises, institutions, and consumers, it represents an example of actions to support the competitiveness and transparency of markets, and to protect the consumers. These actions are in line with the European principles of a single market based on competition and knowledge.

On the strength of the necessary know-how for to the development of markets, we carry on initiatives that promote the understanding of the dynamics behind the final price formation process in the agri-food, no food and services sectors – initiatives that, consequently, foster the transparency of markets. We have consolidated such Services and Tools over the years, to develop informative app, services for the collection and analysis of prices, and systems for market monitoring and economic information dissemination.

Market policies

Together with the Italian Chambers of Commerce System, we support Italian institutions in their decision-making process, by providing information that helps enterprises and, at the same time, stimulates market competitiveness and transparency.

Specifically, we monitor and analyse the costs of municipality utilities incurred by enterprises – namely electricity, natural gas, water supply, and waste collection-related costs – for which we have built 6 business standard profiles with specific consumption and production needs.

In addition, we conduct price collection and analysis activities on construction materials, which economic information is used in a yearly publication of the Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport, to represent the most significant cost variations of construction materials.


We create and manage innovative tools and systems for the collection and dissemination of prices, data, and information among wholesale market operators, to the advantage of all economic operators and the sector’s competitiveness, transparency, and innovation.

Moreover, we use our experience to support the implementation of promotional measures meant for the products along the fishery supply chain. We do that through information and advocacy campaigns aimed at promoting the knowledge and commercialisation of sustainable and high-quality fishery and aquaculture products – as well as, more generally, by helping the flow of information towards enterprises and final consumers.

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