BMTI Makes Available its Know-how for the Ghana-EU Pilot Platform

Within a mechanism of cooperation among EU Delegations, National Chambers of Commerce, European business organisations, and private sector’s national organisations, BMTI makes available its know-how for the ‘African Union-European Union agri-food platform’ initiative, useful to dialogue with African private sectors and first among the points listed in the Africa-Europe rural transformation action agenda to strengthen rural areas and food supply chains in Africa.

BMTI has been invited to participate in the working group of core stakeholders, and in today’s virtual Validation Workshop on the Ghana-EU Agribusiness Platform, which objective is to catalyse more private responsible investments, and at the same time a structured dialogue with the government to discuss relevant issues on the commercialisation of agri-food products – starting with the aspects related to legal and policy frameworks, to end with those ones on the access to credit and government intervention.