Better Regulation

Regulatory Means to Support Socio-economic Development

The Italian (and BMTI’s) experience in commodity exchanges, negotiating agri-food products and market monitoring represents an example of actions undertaken by the institutions to support the development and transparency of markets, and which are in line with the international principles of better regulation.

On the strength of our knowledge, and consistently with our institutional mission, over the years we have developed Services and Tools to deliver digital platforms, standard contracts and insurance services to sell agri-food products, and to spread European marketing standards. This experience allowed us to extend their implementation in other sectors than agri-food.

Legality and Social Innovation

In the framework of the Italian Operational Programme on Legality 2014-2020, BMTI leads a project that helps safeguarding the productive system in the agri-food chain and reducing administrative burden.

To this end, we shall develop an intelligence regulated platform that facilitates legal labour recruitment through demand and supply matching and economic monitoring – also thanks to the implementation of a set of indices that help understanding local socio-economic dynamics.

The project is part of the actions planned to promote migrants’ integration in the local fabric of society and economic activity, for a better management of the migratory phenomenon.

Circular Economy

Following the introduction of the landing obligation within the European Union’s Common Fisheries Policy framework, we shall develop an online regulated platform financed under the Italian Operational Programme 2014-2020 supported by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF).

The purpose is to create tools that support the economic use of landed unwanted catch, which otherwise would not be reused, through the release a platform for the commercialisation of fish by-products and their derivatives, and the implementation of actions for demand and supply matching.

Like this, the project fosters the transparency of the market and the best-possible use of the resources in line with circular economy principles.

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