We work on: “Developing a system of open international trade, based on shared rules that are not discriminatory, and which can remove the distortions that restrict the availability of food, thereby creating the conditions for improved global food security”
(Milan Charter of 2015)

How Do We Do That

Fostering the Italian Chambers of Commerce’s trading model in international markets


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13 Apr 2021
Foodeuro 2nd workshop

The Foodeuro Advisory Group’s work continues and sees BMTI taking part as appointed expert by the European Commission, by virtue of its being a public agency of the Italian Chambers of Commerce.

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17 Nov 2020
Foodeuro 1st workshop

BMTI is invited to participate in the Advisory Group’s work of Foodeuro, as appointed expert for the European Commission’s initiative to develop a European Food Price Indicator along the value chain.

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3 Oct 2020
Circular Economy Stakeholder Conference

Also BMTI takes part in the annual conference on circular economy organised by the European Commission and the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC).

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11 Jun 2020
Meeting with the Italian Chambers of Commerce in Latin America

To plan possible joint projects, BMTI introduces itself to the Italian Chambers of Commerce in Latin America.

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