We work on: “Developing a system of open international trade, based on shared rules that are not discriminatory, and which can remove the distortions that restrict the availability of food, thereby creating the conditions for improved global food security”
(Milan Charter of 2015)

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Fostering the Italian Chambers of Commerce’s trading model in international markets


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1 Jun 2023
TAIEX BMTI-ECUADOR: The initiative moves to Italy with a study visit from Ecuador 

Between June 5 and June 8 2023, BMTI will host a Delegation from Ecuador in Italy, with the aim of making its know-how available by …

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27 Mar 2023

BMTI will present the Italian Chambers of Commerce’s best practices and the experience of the TAIEX done in cooperation with Ecuador during the “Oggi Europa” …

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9 Dec 2022
TAIEX BMTI-ECUADOR: Supporting SMEs active in Agriculture and Agri-food

Between December 12 and December 15 2022, we will held the last two workshops presenting the best practices of the Italian Chambers of Commerce System, …

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29 Nov 2022
TAIEX BMTI-ECUADOR: The Italian Chambers of Commerce System’s Tools for Price Transparency and Dissemination

On November 29 and 30 2022, it will take place the first of three workshops to introduce to Ecuador’s institutions some of our best practices …

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